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Palm Springs Style 

MID MOD Sofa with Palm Springs Flair


Available on


12.99 + shipping


Available for immediate download on

Etsy $8.50

May Your Days Be Chairy & Bright!

24 pages, with 18 chairs to color your way. Plus, chairs with no pattern so you can design your own fabric!


Color your own Palm Springs inspired sofa with your own special touch. Add your interpretation to a custom chair just like an interior designer. If you love interior design, beautiful fabric and the joy of a chair with that just right silhouette you are going to love spending the perfect amount of time making it yours. Bring it to life with your favorite color schemes. Go a little crazy. Play it safe. Make it bold. Tone it down. Enjoy the satisfaction of being in control, of being a designer, picking midcentury colors palettes, and creating custom color fabrics. Maybe you will even come away with more insights about your own style and preferences in color, shape and pattern. 

If you have questions you can also contact us through ROBEEGRAFFIX.COM for more information. 

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