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Making Coloring Books:   
"It's what I did to
keep myself distracted
in twenty twenty." 

Gina McEuen 



Gina McEuen  | Graphic Designe

Gina McEuen is a graphic designer living in Fort Worth, Texas. When she is not working on her new obsession, Coloring Books For Adults, she is busy designing for Robeegraffix Advertising Design. She and her business partner husband, Roby McEuen specialize in logo design, illustration, event logos and collateral, social media content creation, creative strategy, brand identity and management, print materials, web design, non-profit work, and trade show materials. See more about Roby on the next page, and their work and awards on Instagram @robeegraffix_ or


“It was only natural to create a coloring book of lovely furniture items that other people can enjoy too.” Many years of working with clients in furniture manufacturing and interior decor have resulted in a passion for not only graphic design but interior design. Robeegraffix Advertising Design has been awarded multiple advertising awards at the local, regional and national level for their design, illustration, copy writing and advertising work associated with custom furniture business. 

Roby McEuen  |  Chair Illustrations

Roby McEuen is a educator, graphic designer and illustrator also living in Fort Worth, Texas. When he is not working at Robeegraffix Advertising Design he is teaching Strategic Communications, Digital Ad Design and Communication Graphics at the University of Texas, Arlington. Roby is a gifted designer that specializes in logo design, corporate identity, illustration, print collateral materials, etc. He has a Masters of Arts from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. See more of their work and awards at


Roby and Gina have both received the American Advertising Federations  Silver Medal Award, the highest honor at the local level for accomplishments and contribution in advertising. 

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